Welcome to Turku Cathedral

The Cathedral is open every day of the year 9am - 6pm. (On 29th February 2024 the Cathderal closes exceptionally at 3 p.m.) Please note that during events it is not possible to walk around in the church. The entrance is free.

Turku Cathedral is the mother church of the Lutheran Church of Finland, and the country’s national shrine. It was consecrated as a cathedral (as the main church in the diocese) in 17th June 1300. Its history spreads thus over more than 7 centuries.


Turku Cathedral is not a museum itself, but there is also a small museum in the church. The Cathedral museum is located in the second floor, on the southern lectern. There is a small entrance fee to the museum: 2€ / adult and 1€ / child. There are artefacts from the Cathedral's history on display in the museum.

During the summer, there is also a small café located in the groundwork of the Cathedral. Domcafé serves with coffee and small snacks throughout the summer months.

Turku Cathedral International Congregation

Turku Cathedral International Congregation celebrates Mass in Turku Cathedral in English every sunday at 4pm (excluding summer holiday). The congregation is a lively group, who organises events and gatherings also outside the Cathedral. You are welcome to join! Read more about the International Congregation on the web page behind this link.

Turku Cathedral in autumn, tower against an orange sky, some birds flying by

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